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Share your idea through biomedical illustration

Biomedical illustration says what words and photos cannot. Most importantly, it provides curated information in an instant.

We’ve studied how people think and learn. For example, patients need different info than doctors. We consider your audience so we can tailor the project to fit. Furthermore, we explore solutions to get the best result.


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All images are © Laura Roy / Roy Illustration, and/or our clients.

Observation and Study

We have the background to understand complicated scientific ideas. For instance, Laura is a Board-Certified Medical Illustrator. She studied at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

We stay current with research in both science and in design, since we value accuracy and efficiency. In addition, we start our work from observation and raw data whenever possible.

Read more about our background and qualifications.

© 2019 Photography by Body Scientific International

Laura sketches after performing an ankle dissection.

© 2019 Body Scientific International, LLC

Wondering About my Sketch Supplies?

Read about our preferred materials at our Top Tools List.

Our biomedical illustration process

We developed a process to keep you in the loop, because we know creativity can be mysterious.

Read more about our design process and what you can expect.

Drag the arrow to compare the sketch with the final illustration.

(© The Neurosurgical Atlas).

Roy Biomedical Illustration Brain Banner
Roy Biomedical Illustration Brain Banner

Illustration is what we love

There’s nothing better than creating great visuals. It is rewarding to successfully communicate something. Above all, illustrations can change the world!

Science, art, and communication are our life. We’re always exploring ideas because of our thirst for knowledge

Roy Biomedical Illustration Heart

Want to see non-scientific work?

Assiduous Wine Bottle Illustration Mockup

Start Your Illustration Project Today

Share your message with memorable illustration and visuals

We will work with you to identify your needs and find the right solution. We keep you up-to-date, and we ask your thoughts throughout the process.

Roy Biomedical Illustration Vessels
Roy Biomedical Illustration Vessels
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