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Hello! We do custom illustration.

We are a creative design and illustration firm with a speciality in medical and scientific visuals. Accuracy and quality come first, and we take pride in our artistic vision.

Share your message with memorable and effective visuals

Roy Medical Illustration Vitruvian Man Banner
Roy Medical Illustration Vitruvian Man Banner

Beautiful Accuracy

We create clear images that share your message, because we want you to shine.

Top-Quality Training

We have awesome skills from years working with top clients, and we’ve trained under the best in the field. Read more about our background, since we’ve trained with the best—including study at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

Mission & Values

We value truth, quality, & empathy, because every illustration has an impact.

Telling stories through illustration

We use visuals to share a message. The message could be a mood or a complex scientific process, but it always communicates an idea. Imagery can say what words never can.

It is important to us that the core idea is shared with clarity. Our training includes understanding how humans think and learn. We consider the story and the audience who will be using the visual, and we tailor the project to fit. Experimenting with creative ways to share information is what we do best.

Roy Medical Illustration Ear Drying

More than just 2D images

Animation, 3D printing, and other visuals may seem different from “illustration”; however, the same critical thinking is used to develop them well. Any visual that teaches information or tells a story  is a type of illustration—and that is our specialty!

Roy Illustration Mitochondria Mice Visual

Aesthetics and great design

Beauty is a valuable tool that can make something nice to look at, but it can also act as a memory aid. What visuals do you remember best or most clearly? Most likely, they were both successful in sharing information and also were visually appealing. Thoughtful planning and design also makes an image easier to read. We carefully plan each project for the highest visual impact.

Roy Biomedical Illustration Digital Painting
Roy Illustration Nasturtiums Watercolor Banner
Roy Illustration Nasturtiums Watercolor Banner


We want to hear them, and we want to learn more about you.

Start Your Illustration Project Today

Share your message with memorable illustration and visuals

We’ll work with you to identify your needs and find the right solution. We keep you up to date and ask your thoughts throughout the process.

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